How long do SoCap hair extensions last?

How long do SoCap hair extensions last?

How long will my hair extensions last? SoCap hair extensions will last for up to 6 months with proper application and maintenance.

How much do keratin extensions cost?

Keratin bond extensions typically cost between $800 and $1,400. This higher cost is due to the complexity of the application. The technician must add up to 150 pieces or more of human hair strands to the head to create a natural look.

What is so cap hair extensions?

SO. CAP USA ® Hair Extensions come in a variety of colors and are made of the finest cuticle aligned (REMY) 100% human hair. The pre-tipped keratin protein bond makes it easy to apply without containing any wax or glue. They are virtually undetectable and easy to maintain.

How much does Microlinks cost?

What is the Cost of Microlinks? Microlinks hair extension cost varies based on the stylist who performs the service and the work required to achieve your desired result. The cost can range between $500 – $1000 (based on location) Additional services like hair color, hair cutting, can increase that cost.

How much hair extensions cost in Philippines?

Prices start from P20,000 to 40,000, the thicker and longer the hair the higher the price will be. Keira’s 100% Human Hair Extensions are clip-on types and retails at a very affordable price of P2,700 to 8,000.

How long do keratin extensions last?

How long do the keratin extensions last? These extensions can last up to 12 to 14 weeks depending on care of extensions.

Why do keratin hair extensions fall out?

If there is too much hair in the bond, the keratin won’t be able to fuse and close completely. It’s also important to heat each bond completely and roll it smoothly and tightly around each strand. … If you do use a glue type application, the hair extensions may slip out.

What is keratin hair extensions?

What Are Keratin Extensions? Keratin-bond individual hair extensions are tiny strands of actual, unprocessed (or virgin) human hair. Instead of being fastened with tape or glue, keratin extensions have tiny beads of keratin adhesive at the tip of every strand.

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