How many runways does Southend Airport have?

How many runways does Southend Airport have?

The airport has a single runway (06/24) which is asphalt paved. The runway is 1,605m long and 37m wide. The runway was extended by 300m southeast to accommodate more aircraft. The extension, which was approved in March 2010, was completed in March 2012.

Is Southend Airport Expanding?

Southend Airport reveals huge expansion plans and 20m passengers a year ambition. SOUTHEND Airport has unveiled an ambitious vision for the future- including major plans to upgrade its runway and huge investment to one day accommodate 20m passengers a year.

Is Southend Airport shutting down?

SOUTHEND Airport’s only terminal has been closed until next year as passenger flights are temporarily put on hold. The airport plans to reopen the terminal on January 1 of next year at the earliest, when bosses say they are expecting a “stronger demand” for passenger flights to return.

Who runs Southend Airport?

Stobart Group
Southend Council owns the freehold of the airport, but it has been leased since 1994 to London Southend Airport Company Limited, which is now a subsidiary of the Stobart Group.

Is Ryanair leaving Southend?

Ryanair has confirmed it will close operations from London Southend Airport in November, leaving the base with one other main operating airline. Esken, the owner of London Southend, said the airline signed a five-year agreement to base three aircraft there in 2018, following its official debut in April 2019.

Is easyJet still flying from Southend?

easyJet pulled out of Southend Airport in the summer of 2020, with 30 jobs lost. The airline will be launching long haul flights from Manchester airport and Stansted. Talks with Stobart Air, who own Southend Airport, and Glyn Jones, the airport CEO, will begin imminently, the Echo understands.

Is Southend Airport good?

We’re thrilled to announce that London Southend Airport has been rated the best London airport in the latest Which? Airport Passenger Survey. Our own railway station is only 60 paces from the terminal door, and it takes just over 50 minutes to reach Liverpool Street station, in the heart of London.

Are easyJet coming back to Southend Airport?

Southend Airport has confirmed today that flights and holidays with easyJet will be returning to their airport for summer holidays in 2022. It was summer last year, the airline announced it would be closing down their base for good, after nearly a decade of serving dozens of destinations from the seaside town.

Do Ryanair still fly from Southend?

Ryanair has stated its intention to close its base at London Southend Airport with effect from the start of the winter season this year. As a result, Ryanair will cease operations based from London Southend Airport from 1 November 2021.

Does Stobart own Southend Airport?

Stobart Aviation Esken owns and operates London Southend Airport which attracts partners and passengers to destinations throughout Europe with a simple, common goal. Stobart Aviation Services provides baggage handling, check-in and logistics solutions for airports and airline partners.

Can you pick up at Southend Airport?

For pick up/drop off: There are conveniently located blue badge bays in our Short Stay car park (charges apply) which provides the closest option for accessing the terminal. There is also the option of using Long Stay 3 (15 minutes free), which is approximately 200m from the terminal building.

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