How many times has Tonga beat Samoa?

How many times has Tonga beat Samoa?

The two sides have faced each other 19 times, Tonga winning ten times, Samoa winning eight times and on one occasion, their matchup was a draw. In irregular occurrences, the teams face off in the Polynesian Cup.

Which country won the 2013 rugby Championship?

Australia won the tournament, beating New Zealand 34–2 in the final to lift the trophy for the tenth time. In terms of attendance, exposure and revenue, the 2013 tournament is considered the most successful Rugby League World Cup to date.

Has Tonga ever beaten Australia in rugby league?

A Tonga invitational XIII have produced one of the greatest performances in rugby league history by taking down world champions Australia 16-12 in Auckland. It is Australia’s first defeat to a side other than New Zealand, England or Great Britain since going down to France in 1978.

How many games has Tonga won?

All-time record

Country Matches Won
Cook Islands 12 11
England 3 0
France 2 1
Fiji 12 6

Which is bigger Samoa or Tonga?

Samoa is about 3.8 times bigger than Tonga. Tonga is approximately 747 sq km, while Samoa is approximately 2,831 sq km, making Samoa 279% larger than Tonga.

Has Daniel Tupou played origin?

Daniel Tupou (born 17 June 1991) is a professional rugby league footballer who plays on the wing for the Sydney Roosters in the NRL. He has played for Tonga and Australia at international level. He has played for the City Origin, New South Wales in the State of Origin series and Prime Minister’s XIII sides.

Is Tonga a Tier 1 nation in rugby league?

The Tonga national rugby league team represents Tonga in rugby league football. They are currently the fourth ranked team in the world….Tonga national rugby league team.

Team information
Head coach Kristian Woolf
Captain Sio Siua Taukeiaho Jason Taumalolo
Most caps Duane Mann (16)
IRL ranking 4th

Are Tonga any good at rugby?

The national team (Ikale Tahi) has performed quite well on the international stage. Tonga beat Fiji 9-6 in their first test in 1924 played in the capital Nukuʻalofa. 1973 is arguably the high water mark of Tongan rugby, when they beat Australia 16-11. Tonga has competed in six Rugby World Cups since 1987.

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