How much does Citrus College charge per unit?

How much does Citrus College charge per unit?

Non-Residents: Out-of-state students are required to pay tuition of $317 per unit in addition to the $46 per unit enrollment fee….

Student Living Away from Home
Cost Items Nine (9) Month
Personal/Miscellaneous 3,843.00
Transportation 918.00
Total $24,513.00

Does Citrus College have cosmetology?

Our cosmetology program exposes students to the latest techniques for analyzing, prescribing and performing services in the cosmetic treatment of the hair, skin, and nails. Our program one of California’s finest educational programs at the community college level.

What is a Class Pass fee Citrus College?

FeesTuition – Class Pass Fee. The Class Pass is a reusable electronic TAP sticker that lets Citrus College students ride Foothill Transit. It is accepted on all Foothill Transit Local and Silver Streak bus lines, which connects students to 22 cities in the San Gabriel and Pomona Valleys, including Downtown Los Angeles.

How do I pay tuition at Citrus College?

The cashier office accepts cash, personal checks, traveler’s checks, money orders and cashier checks. Credit cards are not accepted in person for registration fees. Please pay online at

Is Citrus College free?

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​California residents attend Citrus College tuition-free and pay enrollment and incidental fees only. Nonresidents are required to pay the additional per unit nonresident tuition.

How long is the cosmetology program at Citrus College?

144 lecture hours
144 lecture hours, 144 lab hours. Additional fees for the Cosmetology Program Kit are approximately $1645 plus a miscellaneous cost of $100.

What is the promise Program Citrus College?

​The Citrus College Promise Program increases college access for first-time Citrus College students, provides student support, and promotes completion. Enrollment and mandatory fees are covered for fall and spring semesters for the first two years.

Can estheticians wear nail polish?

Also, there is nothing worse than having your esthetician smell like smoke so refraining from that is a must. Because it is important to keep a professional appearance while wearing my white clinical lab coat, I choose to wear a neutral color nail polish (such as pale pink) to maintain a professional image.

What is PCC promise?

The PCC Promise is a last-dollar scholarship program, which means it meets any funding need remaining after federal and state aid programs and private scholarships have been applied. The program covers students’ credit fees, comparable to tuition, which are paid on every unit for which the student registers.

What GPA is required for citrus?

Have a minimum 3.25 (non-weighted) or 3.5 (weighted) cumulative GPA from high school. One letter of recommendation from an instructor, counselor or high school contact. Submit unofficial high school transcripts.

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