How To Create Timeless Fashion Looks This Year

Get fashion-ready by creating authentic looks that take inspiration from classic trends. Creating your own versions of timeless looks is one of the best ways to get in style. This article will discuss how to create iconic looks with influence from past fashion fads.

Get Inspired By Timeless Fashion Icons

Get inspired by fashion icons throughout history. Look at the styles of 60’s and 70’s models, and flip through current Vogue editions to find fashion inspiration galore. Use your imagination to create your own looks infused with accessories and elements of classic, timeless fashion.


Embrace Your Wardrobe Staples

Get your style on with vintage looks that always look cool. Your classic white t-shirts, denim jeans, and combat boots are a complete look you can wear to the mall, on a date, or pretty much anywhere.


To complete your look, rock a pair of sunglasses that makes you feel on top of the world. Go bold with red lipstick to make this classic look even more likely to outlast the test of time. Your wardrobe staples are pieces that will outlast any fad, so always keep them on hand in your closet. You never know when you’ll need them.


Find Your Style As An Anchor

Regardless of the timeless looks you’re going for, you’ll still need to orient your finds around your general style. Consider the color schemes, fabric materials, and available designs you want to emphasize in your fashion looks and figure out what works for you.


By pairing your classic finds with go-to items, you can create a timeless style grounded in the clothing items and accessories that feel most authentic to you.


Start Your Own Timeless Look

Who says timeless fashion can’t crop up these days? You could be the next trendsetter by creating today’s timeless looks to remember. If your fashion sense is unique, wear the clothes that make you shine this year.


Be bold and think outside of the box. If you’re creating timeless looks from the ground up, feel free to be as carefree as you need to be to showcase the looks that matter to you.


Mix Timeless And Modern Trends

Some timeless fashion is still heavily mixed in with modern trends. 90s grunge, for example, can be found in many different styles in today’s stores. See if you can embrace the modern takes on these classic looks.


A quick side tip: If you want to embrace your inner 90s grunge, keep the leather but ditch the shoulder pads. If you’re into 80’s glamour, keep the big hair, but lose the neon-striped pants. It’s all about balance.


Finding the happy medium between the old and new in your fashion will help you create timeless looks that are still fashionable today. That’s how you blend timeless and modern styles to create new iconic looks.


Don’t Forget Hairstyle

A big part of timeless fashion is the integration of trending hairstyles. If you want to create timeless looks, implement the hairstyles that best reflect the fashion looks you’re re-creating.


Go for a modern meets classic take on your hairstyle. The goal is to capture elements of a timeless fashion hairdo you’re inspired by without downplaying the modern aspects you want to include. Strike a balance and get the best of both worlds with your hairstyle.


That Timeless Look

Create timeless fashion looks by getting inspiration from decades past and current trends. Use your creativity and style of sense to create the looks you love that make you feel confident. A balance of old and new will undoubtedly keep your classic looks as timeless as possible. Now, get styling!

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