Is Joe LaBoot real?

Is Joe LaBoot real?

Joe LaBoot is a retired baseball player who dropped an easy catch a long time ago.

Does Homer still strangle Bart?

Unfortunately, the therapy works too well and Homer can no longer strangle Bart, even when the boy misbehaves, because he is traumatized by the therapeutic session.

What episode does Bart hate himself?

The Boys of Bummer
The Boys of Bummer

“The Boys of Bummer”
The Simpsons episode
Barney emblazoned with “I Hate Bart Simpson”.
Episode no. Season 18 Episode 18
Directed by Rob Oliver

What episode of The Simpsons does Bart hit Homer with a chair?

A Milhouse Divided
Bart Hits Homer With a Chair is a meme originating from the Season 8 episode “A Milhouse Divided”. The meme focuses on Bart hitting Homer with a chair.

Who won the 1943 World Series?

New York Yankees
1943 World Series/Champion

Who won the 1944 World Series?

St. Louis Cardinals
1944 World Series/Champion

Who is Bartigula based on?

Composite Character: Bartigula is a fusion of two Roman emperors; Caligula (The insane Emperor who declared war on Poseidon) and Commodus (The emperor who fought in the arena for fun, damaged the fundamentals of Rome, and had delusions of Godhood).

What is the lowest rated Simpsons episode?

According to the Nielsen ratings, the installment attained 4.79 million American viewers upon its original airing, making it notable as the lowest rated episode of The Simpsons up to that point….Lisa Goes Gaga.

“Lisa Goes Gaga”
The Simpsons episode
Episode no. Season 23 Episode 22
Directed by Matthew Schofield
Written by Tim Long

Is Doctor Nick dead?

Deceased (1927–2016)
George C. Nichopoulos/Living or Deceased

What celebrity has been on The Simpsons the most?

Several guest stars have featured as recurring characters on the show, including Phil Hartman, Joe Mantegna and Kelsey Grammer. After Wallace, Hartman made the most appearances, guest starring 52 times.

Was there a World Series during ww2?

Louis Cardinals against the New York Yankees, in a rematch of the 1942 Series. The Yankees won the Series in five games for their tenth championship in 21 seasons. It was Yankees manager Joe McCarthy’s final Series win….

1943 World Series
Dates October 5–11
Venue Yankee Stadium (New York) Sportsman’s Park (St. Louis)

Who won the World Series 1942?

1942 World Series/Champion

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