Is Nokta a good metal detector?

Is Nokta a good metal detector?

The Nokta | Makro Pinpointer is a very accurate small metal detector that helps you locate and narrow down the exact location of the target that your metal detector alerted you about.

Where are Nokta detectors made?

Istanbul, Turkey
Nokta Engineering opened her eyes to the world as an independent manufacturer of metal detectors based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Where is Nokta located?

Based in Istanbul, Turkey, Nokta Makro has clients around the globe, and Treasures in America is a proud supplier of these premium products.

What is the difference between a metal detector and a Pinpointer?

Metal Detector Pinpointer: While a regular metal detector may be useful for searching large areas in a relatively short amount of time, a pinpointer can save you time when it comes down to finding exactly where an object might be and if you might have already dug it up.

Is Nokta simplex multi frequency?

According to the manufacturer, it will be a multi frequency device capable to operate at several frequencies at the same time. The way like the Minelab Equinox detectors do. Plus, the new machine from Nokta-Makro will be submersible up to 5 meters. The new Turkish machine is waiting for its name from detectorists.

How deep will a Pinpointer go?

Waterproof to 20 Feet: Fully submersible for shallow-water detecting, snorkeling and diving up to 20 feet (6 meters) Adjustable Sensitivity: Choice of 3 sensitivity levels. Maximum sensitivity for detection of nuggets and small targets.

Can a Pinpointer find gold?

No other Pinpointer has that much sensitivity to tiny gold. I have pinpointed -100 mesh gold using the Falcon. One more feature not found on other pinpointers is that the Falcon MD-20 will also tell you if it is black sand by giving you a signal as you pull away from the specimen.

Where are Nokta Makro metal detectors made?

The Nokta Makro company, based in Istanbul, Turkey, is a relative newcomer to the metal detecting community. First started in 2001, Nokta Detectors rapidly grew within the industry, acquiring another Turkish-based metal detector manufacturer, Makro Detectors, in 2014, forming Nokta Makro.

Are multi frequency metal detectors better?

Multi-frequency metal detectors are very good for beach detecting and use in saltwater. They tend to be more stable when compared to most single frequency detectors. Metal detectors like the XP DEUS and XP ORX offer a staggering 21 frequencies, albeit they are not simultaneous.

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