Top 10 most successful football managers in the world

Top 10 most successful football managers in the world

Leading a football team requires not only being tactically smart but also being able to motivate and discipline the club’s members. Besides making necessary changes during games, managers need to win the respect of the football team by leading them expertly.

Not all talented tacticians are able to do that due to their lack of leadership. Right below here is our list of the top 10 most successful football managers in the world who are admired for their excellent leading style.

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10 most successful football managers in the world

1. Sir Alex Ferguson

Top 10 most successful football managers in the world


Legendary coach Sir Alex Ferguson is one of the greatest football managers of all time and most widely known for his time with Manchester United. He accompanied the Red Devils club in the Premier League for 26 years with such big names as Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney under his guidance.

38 domestic and international titles were Sir Alex Ferguson’s spectacular achievement during his time at Old Trafford. He managed his team to earn a record of 13 Premier League titles. Further, the Red Devils gained the FIFA Club World Cup champion under his leadership in 2008.

2. José Mourinho

Top 10 most successful football managers in the world


Portuguese football manager José Mourinho is renowned for the physicality of his teams as well as his well-organized defenses.

He earned 8 league titles and 4 domestic cups with different clubs under his guidance. Leaving Chelsea after a mixed second stint, Mourinho became Manchester United football coach right at the beginning of the 16–17 season and made this club the champions of the 2017 Europa League.

3. Pep Guardiola

Top 10 most successful football managers in the world


A stellar career as Barcelona’s defender led Pep Guardiola to the coach position for this club’s first-team in 2008. He was the one who added dramatic changes to Barcelona’s football strategy and helped the squad to end 4 seasons with a total of 14 titles.

Guardiola’s crews were known to keep control, the pressing power, and the great creative capabilities of their great creation. He then won seven more titles with Bayern and lifted Manchester City from zero to hero by scoring the most goals in Premier League history. In the following season, he became the first trainer ever to win the domestic triple.

4. Carlo Ancelotti

Top 10 most successful football managers in the world


Carlo Ancelotti is widely known during his time in Serie A side AC Milan. In his whole career, many great clubs were under his leadership including Real Madrid, PSG, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, and more. Until now, rarely any other manager could break Ancelotti’s record of winning the UEFA Champions League 4 times.

Carlo Ancelotti’s leading style is flexibility and adaptability. He plays squads that match the attributes of his members. With 20 titles bearing his name, he is one of the best managers on this list.

5. Arsène Wenger

Arsène Wenger was Arsenal’s head manager for 22 years. So-called “Le Professeur”, he made a revolution to English football player’s training and diet. Arsène favors an attacking and fluid style of football which neutral supporters love to see.

Wenger had kept Arsenal on top of English football clubs for 2 decades, achieving 3 league titles and getting into the Champions League final in 2006. He recently stepped down from the coach position for Arsenal in 2018.

6. Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte spent most of his football career at Juventus, no matter whether it’s the player or manager position. As a coach, he preferred to play in a 5-3-2 layout and selected footballers who were flexible enough to fit his system.

He led Juventus to conquer Serie A 2011-12 season without losing a game. Then Conte took his transfer to the Chelsea squad in 2016 and became Premier League champion in the very first season. Antonio Conte is a promised manager that has a long career ahead and seems to be one of the greatest managers in the world someday.

7. Jurgen Klopp

Top 10 most successful football managers in the world


German manager Jurgen Klopp is not a strange name among football fans. After taking over the Liverpool squad, Klopp brought the club to 3 cup finals in which the 2018 Champions League included.

By achieving the 2019 Champions League title, he began his title haul journey. He went on leading Liverpool to gain the championship at FIFA Club World Cup and 2020 Premier League. Under this coach’s guidance, a number of outstanding players such as Mohamed Salah or Roberto Firmino shone out.

8. Louis van Gaal

Louis Van Gaal is a man of strict discipline and is well-known for his blunt football style. As arrogant and proud as he is, Louis van Gaal’s fusion of art and power had made his incredible success in the coach position for many football teams.

He won 3 national champion titles and one domestic cup when in Barcelona and Bayern Munich. He also managed the much-despised Dutch side to rank at 3rd place at the 2014 World Cup.

9. Diego Simeone

Top 10 most successful football managers in the world


Diego Simeone is considered a new rising star in the football world of managers. Taking over the underperforming Atletico team, he put his best effort and brought them to 5th place in the league. He also led this club to win the 2012 Europa League.

So far, Diego Simeone’s greatest record as a coach for Atletico Madrid is the victory in the 2014 Spanish league championship, kicking out both such great names like Barcelona and Real Madrid. His squad also won both the Europa League and the Super Cup UEFA in the 2018 season.

10. Marcello Lippi

Marcello Lippi was an Italian hero when leading an Italian team without any talent or big names to be the champion at the 2006 FIFA World Cup. He was also in charge of the dominance of Juventus as well as the Italian football system in the 1990s.

His football management style focused on the strength and solidarity of the team rather than talent and personal noughts. With Juventus, Lippi gained 5 league titles, 1 domestic cup, and the 1966 Champions League.

A modern football manager must be good at football skills as well as knowing psychology. The top 10 of most successful managers call for ones who value solidarity, discipline, and hard teamwork. You can also place bets on the football management market at Football management is one of the most vibrant sports betting markets. The influence of football management on the club and the odds that bookmakers place them are not small. Above here is our suggestion, do you have any idea to share with us? Let us know

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