Which are the best available armor cases for iPhone 7

Which are the best available armor cases for iPhone 7

There is no doubt that iPhones are the most loved and desired smartphones for many years. In western countries, it is a bit more common to have an iPhone, but if you talk about developing country like India, it is still a wish for many people. But there is an equal no of people, who now have iPhone and they are crazy about it. Of course, the class and style it adds to your personality with its brand image is worth spending money.

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When you land upon the decision to buy iPhone, you put a lot of thoughts on it, of course, it is expensive to buy, that is the reason why every iPhone owner looks to keep it in its best condition till the time it is being used. It gives your personality, a different look, so it must always be in that condition. For this reason, only, covers and cases are preferred.

There are different types of cases that are available in the market out there, but the first thing that one ensures after buying an iPhone 7 plus, is the safety. To avoid any damage, you are always in need of best of a hard, rugged armor case for your device.

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So, to avoid getting you lost in the labyrinth of internet searching and save your time to choose the best iPhone 7 armor case, here we are with a list of best options for you:

  1. Spigen tough armor case: No doubt, this is one of the most liked hard case available today. It comes as a hard case made of TPU material that provides you the max amount of safety, even if it gets dropped from a considerably good height. It has raised edges above your screen, camera, and ports so that your device is fully secured even if it drops on its screen or edge or in the vertical
  2. Otterbox defender case: Made out of synthetic rubber, it offers the best shock protection against any drop from any height. Having a block type design, this case also has a gap for you to showcase the Apple logo, which is a style statement for a few
  3. Ringke Fusion case: This is again a classy option for iPhone case. Having an absorption bumper in its design, it offers anti-scratch protection for your phone along with anti-static element that acts as prevention from dust. Made out of TPU material at its edges, it has a 5 mm raise above the camera to ensure that nothing happens to your camera on dropping the phone.

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Of Course, these are not the only few cases available, there are many other options, but with the analysis of different designs, materials, and capabilities, we are sure these would suit best for your iPhone 7 plus, with no extra cost. These cases are available in pretty decent cost, due to which it shouldn’t take you much time to arrive at the decision to buy one of them quickly.

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