What are some examples of self objectification?

What are some examples of self objectification?

Self-objectifying behaviors can include but are not limited to: Excessive mirror looking, frequent selfies, critiquing one’s appearance in the reflection and photographs, and comparing oneself to images in the media and other women.

What is objectification of a woman?

Objectification involves viewing and/or treating a person as an object, devoid of thought or feeling. Often, objectification is targeted at women and reduces them to objects of sexual pleasure and gratification.

What causes self objectification?

This objectification occurs in two areas: (1) interpersonal or social encounters, and (2) media exposure. “Interpersonal or social encounters include catcalls, checking out/ staring at, or gazing at women’s bodies, sexual comments, and harassment.

What is self-objectification theory?

Self-objectification is defined as the adoption of a third-person perspective on the self as opposed to a first-person perspective such that girls and women come to place greater value on how they look to others rather than on how they feel or what they can do.

What is self-objectification in psychology?

Self-objectification occurs when individuals treat themselves as objects to be viewed and evaluated based upon appearance. Literature has largely elucidated links between self-objectification and damaging outcomes in both men and women.

What are the dangers of self-objectification?

Given the negative effects associated with self-objectification—such as body shame, appearance anxiety, depression, and disordered eating—an empirically based approach to researching and counteracting self-objectification is critical.

Who developed the self objectification theory?

Objectification theory, developed by Fredrickson and Roberts [41] , offers a feminist theoretical framework, which posits that women are socialized to self-objectify by imagining themselves from the perspectives of others through an internalization of cultural beauty standards.

Who created the self objectification theory?

Philosopher Martha Nussbaum specified seven qualities that represent common attitudes and treatment toward objects and things that when applied to a person constitutes objectification (Table 1).

How can we prevent self-objectification?

Create a distraction. Secondly, once you’ve got a greater awareness of your self-objectification habits, begin to disrupt them as they occur. So when you notice you are body checking or thinking about your appearance, interrupt this by doing something else.

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