What do Metsuke do in Shogun 2?

What do Metsuke do in Shogun 2?

Metsuke are trained from markets. They can bribe other armies to join the player’s clan, detect enemy ninja, oversee armies they’re attached to (raising general loyalty and reducing the risk of the army being bribed), oversee towns and increase their tax income by reducing corruption, and apprehend enemy agents.

How do I get more generals in Shogun 2 Total War?

Generals are recruited in five ways: first, they can be sons of a daimyo that come of age; second, a random event may trigger giving the player the option to hire a new general for 1000 koku. Armies that do not have generals that win victories may also trigger the same event.

How do you recruit geisha in Shogun 2?

Geisha may only be trained in regions with an Infamous Mizu Shobai District, which is the final-tier building of the Sake Den chain. Only one geisha can be fielded, even if multiple Infamous Mizu Shobai Districts are built or captured. It costs 1000 koku to train a geisha.

How do you play Ikko Ikki Shogun 2?

Ikko Ikki Walkthrough

  1. Turn 1. Start researching the Way of Bushido.
  2. Turn 2. Move the army down to the border.
  3. Turn 3. The art of Bushido is now mastered, so start researching Way of Chi.
  4. Turn 4. If the Hattori offer trade rights accept it.
  5. Turn 5. If the Uesugi destroy the Jinbo, get trade rights.
  6. Turn 6. Attack Tango.

What does command do in Shogun 2?

It represents the level of morale buffs your general provides to your troops. If you see “+2 command during ambushes” it means that your units will have increased morale on that type of battle.

What is stand and fight in Shogun 2?

Stand and Fight when activated gives +3 melee attack and a +20 Reload bonus to any troops within the general’s aura. This gives a total of +6 melee attack to most of your troops (and if you delay adding points you can max Infantry leader on a general’s level 3).

Are geishas assassins?

Real life geishas[1] were entertainers, not assassins.

How do you beat Ikko Ikki?

What are total war commands?

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