What does Syrian opposition want?

What does Syrian opposition want?

The Syrian National Council seeks the end of Bashar al-Assad’s rule and the establishment of a modern, civil, democratic state. The SNC National Charter lists human rights, judicial independence, press freedom, democracy and political pluralism as its guiding principles.

What are the opposing sides in Syria?

The war is currently being fought by several factions, including the Syrian Armed Forces and its domestic and international allies, a loose alliance of mostly Sunni opposition rebel groups (such as the Free Syrian Army), Salafi jihadist groups (including al-Nusra Front and Tahrir al-Sham), the mixed Kurdish-Arab Syrian …

Who are the main groups fighting in Syria?

10 Years Of Civil War In Syria Shows Few Signs Of Winding Down The conflict has not only pitted the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad against a band of rebels, but drawn the U.S., Iran, Russia and Turkey, among others, into a complex proxy war.

What groups support the Syrian government?

The Syrian Ba’athist government is politically and militarily supported by Iran and Russia, and actively supported by the Lebanese Hezbollah group, the Syrian-based Palestinian group PFLP-GC, and others.

What is Syria conflict?

The Syrian Civil War is an ongoing violent conflict in Syria between pro-democratic insurgents and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s long-standing dynastic regime.

Why is there conflict in Syria?

The war started in 2011, when Syrians enraged by corruption and emboldened by a wave of “Arab Spring” protests across the region took to the streets to demand democratic accountability for their leaders. The chaos of the war allowed ISIS, al Qaeda and other terror groups to seize more than 70% of Syria’s territory.

What are the three major opposition groups in Syria?

Syrian opposition affiliated rebel groups

  • Islamic Front (2013–2015)
  • Southern Front (2014–2018)
  • Army of the South (2018) Jaysh al-Ababil (2014–2018)
  • Gathering of Revolutionaries of Mahajah (2018) Liwa Omar al-Mukhtar.
  • 404 Lions of Golan Division (2018)
  • Islamic Union of the Soldiers of the Levant (2013–2018)

What three groups are fighting in Syria?

Three campaigns drive the conflict: coalition efforts to defeat the Islamic State, violence between the Syrian government and opposition forces, and military operations against Syrian Kurds by Turkish forces.

What caused conflict in Syria?

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