What happened at Wybalenna?

What happened at Wybalenna?

Of the 200 odd aboriginal persons that lived at Wybalenna, over 150 died due to exposure to diseases like influenza and pneumonia. In 1847, the remaining Aboriginal people were transported back to Tasmania to Oyster Cove where one by one they died. Over 16% of the population of Flinders Island is Tasmanian Aboriginal.

What did George Augustus Robinson call the settlement he established at Flinders Island?

Robinson was paid a total of £8000 in his role as protector of Aborigines. He built a small community that included a church and coined the area ‘Point Civilisation’. Many of the Aborigines who lived at the port had been removed under false pretenses from their true home in Tasmania.

What did George Augustus Robinson do?

George Augustus Robinson1853 He was an English builder with strong religious conviction who arrived in Tasmania in 1824. He became ‘Protector of Aborigines’ in 1829 and was responsible for the removal of Aboriginal Tasmanians to islands in Bass Strait.

Which island did Aboriginal population relocate to?

This plan received official sanction and it was agreed that they would be removed to Flinders Island. By 1835 more than 200 Aboriginal people had been moved to the Wybalenna settlement on Flinders Island.

How many people died at Wybalenna?

Conflict escalated and in 1847, Governor Denison ordered the closure of Wybalenna. By the time the settlement closed in 1847, approximately 130 people had died at Wybalenna.

Who owns Cape Barren Island?

the Furneaux Group
Cape Barren Island (Palawa kani: truwana), part of the Furneaux Group, is a 478-square-kilometre (185 sq mi) island in the Bass Strait, off the north east coast of Tasmania, Australia.

Where is Wybalenna?

Wybalenna is one of the most significant Aboriginal historical places in Tasmania. It is located on the west coast of Flinders Island, the largest island in the eastern part of Bass Strait.

Why did truganini agree to help George Robinson?

Traveling with Robinson Truganini agreed to help Robinson, hoping that this would put an end to further killing of Aborigines. She believed the assurances that Aborigines would be safe and protected. Between 1830 and 1834 she and her partner Wooraddy traveled with Robinson on his “missions”.

Is George Robinson disabled?

George Robinson is a 24-year-old actor from Cambridgeshire. He suffered a spinal cord injury when playing in a school rugby match aged 17 and is now a wheelchair user. The character Isaac was initially scripted as an amputee but the writers were happy to change him to a wheelchair user when George got cast.

Who named Flinders Island?

Matthew Flinders
It lies in eastern Bass Strait, between Tasmania and the Australian mainland, and is named for Matthew Flinders, the English navigator who surveyed its coasts in 1798. The island, with an area of about 800 square miles (2,080 square km), is hilly, rising to Strzelecki Peaks, 2,552 feet (778 metres), in the south.

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