What is bipolar forceps?

What is bipolar forceps?

Bipolar Forceps Product Overview Bipolar Forceps are designed to grasp, manipulate and coagulate selected tissue. The electric current alternates between the two tips, reducing the length of the current’s path and producing a precise, controlled therapeutic effect.

Is a type of bipolar forceps?

There are four different types: straight, angled, bayonet and bent. Avaliable lengths range from 70 mm to 300 mm, with tips from 0.25, 0.3, 0.6, 1.0 and 2.0 mm. All bipolar forceps can be made with other measurements, tip widths, as well as with flat pin or with 2-pin plug.

What is bipolar coagulation?

Bipolar tubal coagulation is a very popular method of laparoscopic female sterilization in the United States. With this method of tubal ligation, the fallopian tube is grasped between two poles of electrical conducting forceps, and electrical current passes through the tube between the two ends of the forceps.

Can bipolar coagulation be reversed?

Often, two or three adjacent sites are coagulated resulting in loss of approximately 2-5 cm of fallopian tube. Bipolar tubal ligation can be reversed by our doctors.

What is coagulation forceps?

MICRO-TECH ENSURE Coagulation Forceps are designed to assist physicians in effectively coagulating bleeding sites during interventional endoscopic procedures. They allow the user to securely grasp vessels and cut or coagulate them using high-frequency current.

Why is bipolar diathermy?

Advantage of bipolar electrosurgery is that it prevents the flow of current through other tissues of the body and focuses only on the tissue in contact. This is useful in microsurgery and in patients with a cardiac pacemaker.

Can bipolar diathermy cut coagulate?

Bipolar electrosurgery uses lower voltages so less energy is required. But, because it has limited ability to cut and coagulate large bleeding areas, it is more ideally used for those procedures where tissues can be easily grabbed on both sides by the forceps electrode.

Is bipolar considered cautery?

n. Cauterization using a high frequency electrical current passed through tissue from one electrode to another.

What is bipolar electrosurgery?

Bipolar. In bipolar electrosurgery, both the active electrode and return electrode functions are performed at the site of surgery. The two tines of the forceps perform the active and return electrode functions. Only the tissue grasped is included in the electrical circuit.

What are Silverglide forceps used for?

SILVERGlide® Bipolar Forceps Our SILVERGlide family of non-stick bipolar forceps is designed to address the issue of tissue adhesion and thermal damage during surgery. We offer a wide range of SILVERGlide forceps to meet your surgical needs:

What are the benefits of using silver plated bipolar forceps?

SILVERGlide bipolar forceps offer surgeons a solution to the problem of tissue sticking and thermal tissue damage near the surgical site. Silver plating on the tips of the forceps dissipate heat faster than standard stainless steel bipolar forceps, which reduces the incidence of those common complaints.

What is Silverglide® technology?

SILVERGlide®is a proprietary technology that reduces the molecular bonding force and eliminates hot spots on the forceps tips. In fact, the level of thermal diffusivity of the SilverGlide®alloy is 37 times higher than that of stainless steel commonly used in standard forceps.

What kind of forceps do you use for minimally invasive surgery?

SILVERGlide®Bipolar Forceps Bipolar Forceps For Minimally Invasive Procedures SILVERGlide®Keyhole™Maximum Access Standard two-pin round connector works with most standard foot-switching bipolar electrosurgical generators. Handle is designed for balance, comfort and visibility. Premium Guide keeps tips aligned and minimizes scissoring.

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