What is cocoon in sentence?

What is cocoon in sentence?

the covering made of soft, smooth threads that surrounds and protects particular insects during the pupa stage as they develop into adult form.

What is cocoon Class 7 short?

The silky covering spun by the silkworm (or caterpillar) of silk moth is called cocoon. The cocoon is made by silkworm to protect its development as pupa.

What is cocoon Class 3?

Cocoon is defined as the protective covering that is made from silky threads that cover the larvae of moths and other insects such as butterflies. Cocoon is the place where the larvae grow into adult insects. Also, the pupa is the stage between the larva and the adult.

What is cocoon Class 10?

The cocoon is white or yellow, thick oval capsule shaped structure. The caterpillar larva changes into the chrysalis. It takes about 25 to 32 days to complete the whole life cycle of a silkworm.

What is cocoon answer?

A cocoon is a silky web spun around the larvae of many insects. Caterpillars emerge from their cocoons as beautiful butterflies. The word cocoon can also refer to a form a self-protection for humans. Another word for cocoon is “chrysalis,” but only in the context of insects.

What is cocoon in simple words?

: a covering usually made of silk which some insects (such as caterpillars) make around themselves to protect them while they grow. : something that covers or protects a person or thing. cocoon. verb.

What is cocoon Class 7?

protein which hardens on exposure to air and becomes silk fibre. Soon the caterpillar completely covers itself by silk fibres and turns into pupa. This covering is known as cocoon.

What is chrysalis answer?

ANSWER: A chrysalis is a pupa. When a caterpillar changes into a chrysalis, it is “pupating”. ANSWER: A chrysalis is a pupa. When a caterpillar changes into a chrysalis, it is “pupating”.

What is the cocoon?

What is cocoon function?

A cocoon is a casing spun of silk by many moths and caterpillars, and numerous other holometabolous insect larvae as a protective covering for the pupa.

What is cocoon butterfly?

A cocoon is the silk ‘sleeping bag’ some species of moths make before they pupate. A caterpillar creates the silken cocoon with a silk gland/spinneret that is located under its mouth. A butterfly pupa is correctly called either a pupa or a chrysalis. A butterfly pupa/chrysalis is not called a cocoon.

What is cocoon in zoology?

cocoon, a case produced in the larval stage of certain animals (e.g., butterflies, moths, leeches, earthworms, Turbellaria) for the resting pupal stage (see pupa) in the life cycle. Certain spiders spin a fibrous mass, or cocoon, to cover their eggs.


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