What is PNR in the Philippines?

What is PNR in the Philippines?

The state-owned Philippine National Railways (or Pambansang Daangbakal ng Pilipinas in Filipino), commonly abbreviated as PNR, is the sole operator of the most extensive intra-island railway on Luzon, the largest island in the Philippines.

What happened to the NorthRail project?

The NorthRail project was cancelled in March 2011 due to a series of delays, work stoppages, a controversy and anomalies with the foreign contractor.

Is PNR owned by the government?

The Philippine National Railways (PNR) (Filipino: Pambansang Daang-Bakal ng Pilipinas and Spanish: Ferrocarril Nacional de Filipinas) is a state-owned railway company in the Philippines which operates one commuter rail service between Metro Manila and Laguna, and local services between Sipocot, Naga City and Legazpi …

How many stations are there in PNR?

The line is also nicknamed the Orange Line due to its designation in the 1970s….

PNR Metro Commuter Line
Owner Government of the Philippines
Locale Metro Manila
Termini Tutuban Governor Pascual (MNC) IRRI (MSC)
Stations 36

How do I get a PNR?

Indian Railways PNR FAQS

  1. Go to ixigo website or download the ixigo train app.
  2. Click on “PNR Status” button.
  3. Enter your 10 digit PNR number and search.
  4. You will get your booked train ticket current status along with passengers details.

What is the purpose of PNR?

PNR is the abbreviation of Passenger Name Record and it is a digital certificate allowing passengers to do online check-in or manage their bookings in a short time. Also used as booking number, Passenger Name Record is a code with 6 alphanumeric characters (letters and numbers are used together).

How many stations does the ongoing South long haul railway project have?

It will have 23 stations and the total line length will be between 380.4 km (236.4 mi) to 414.3 km (257.4 mi), depending on the source.

Which train is known as the elevated railway system?

el train
An elevated railway or elevated train (also known as an el train for short) is a rapid transit railway with the tracks above street level on a viaduct or other elevated structure (usually constructed from steel, cast iron, concrete, or bricks).

What is the last station of PNR?

PNR MC (PNR) The first stop of the PNR MC train route is BiƱan Pnr and the last stop is Tutuban Pnr. PNR MC (Philippines National Railways) is operational during everyday.

Can PNR get confirmed?

The probability of a PNR number getting confirmed depends on the number of cancellations done. It also relies on factors like weekends, season, festivals, special events, among other factors.

What are the 5 mandatory elements of a PNR?


  • The name of the passenger.
  • Contact details for the travel agent or airline office.
  • Ticketing details, either a ticket number or a ticketing time limit.
  • Itinerary of at least one segment, which must be the same for all passengers listed.
  • Name of the person providing the information or making the booking.

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