What is the thing called that holds your badge?

What is the thing called that holds your badge?

Badge or identification holder Lanyards are commonly used to display badges, tickets or ID cards for identification where security is required, such as businesses, corporations, hospitals, prisons, conventions, trade fairs, and backstage passes used in the entertainment industry.

What is a bulldog clip on a lanyard?

Flat Non-Breakaway Lanyard With a Bulldog Clip (P/N 2135-355X) The steel bulldog clip grips tightly through the slot hole to securely hold your credential in place. With its solid color and silver crimp and clip, it is stylish, light weight and comfortable to wear.

Why are lanyards called lanyards?

In fact, the word lanyard actually comes from the French word of “laniere” which means strap or thong. And whilst, we’re used to seeing some pretty fancy lanyards today, the first lanyards were just simple straps made of rope or cord found aboard the ship and tied around a pistol, sword or whistle.

How do you use a badge clip?

Strap clips are the simplest way to attach an ID card to yourself. The clip will have a strap attached to it. Slide the strap through the credentials and then snap the strap together. Simply clip the badge to yourself to display credentials easy and seamlessly.

What can I use instead of a lanyard?

Try Reels, Strap Clips, Pins & More. If you’re looking for an alternative ID accessory to the popular lanyards, don’t worry – badge reels, strap clips, pins and more are affordable and user-friendly options!

Why do some lanyards have clips?

A lanyard is a cloth necklace made from a soft material like polyester, plastic, or cotton. It has a clip or attachment at the bottom that’s designed to hold keys, ID badges, and other small items like USB drives and flashlights.

What is the lanyard string called?

Scoubidou (Craftlace, scoobies) is a knotting craft, made for children. It originated in France, where it became a fad in the late 1950s and has remained popular. It is named after the 1958 song of the same name by the French singer Sacha Distel.

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