Who said good moaning in Allo Allo?

Who said good moaning in Allo Allo?

Officer Crabtree
2. I can act jolly squeak prefect Fronch. Officer Crabtree, the British spy posing as a policeman, was constantly mangling the French language, serving up arguably the show’s most famous catchphrase, “Good Moaning”. Ironically enough though, actor Arthur Bostrom was, and still is, completely fluent in French.

Can Arthur Bostrom speak French?

Bostrom actually speaks fluent French. In November 2012, Bostrom appeared in Hebburn as a newspaper editor. In 2017, he appeared in the BBC series Father Brown as Richie Queenan in episode 5.12 “The Theatre of the Invisible” In 2017 he appeared on a celebrity edition of Pointless.

How old is Arthur Bostrom?

66 years (January 6, 1955)
Arthur Bostrom/Age

What happened to Arthur Bostrom?

More recently, Arthur, now 62, has guest starred in BBC series Doctors, Hebburn and Father Brown. Arthur is single and lives in Manchester. “I studied geography at Durham University and planned a career with the forestry commission until I began acting.

Who played Officer Crabtree?

Arthur Bostrom’Allo ‘Allo!
Officer Crabtree/Played by

What is the meaning of Moand?

1 : to bewail audibly : lament. 2 : to utter with moans. intransitive verb. 1 : lament, complain.

How tall is Arthur Bostrom?

6′ 4″
Arthur Bostrom/Height

How old is Francesca gonshaw?

62 years (November 25, 1959)
Francesca Gonshaw/Age

Why did they replace Herr Flick?

When Richard Gibson decided not to return for the final series, the change of actors was explained by Herr Flick having had plastic surgery to avoid capture by approaching Allied forces, rather than being a straightforward recast — such as when Roger Kitter replaced Gavin Richards as Captain Bertorelli.

What is the difference between moaning and groaning?

A groan is a brief, strong, deep-throated sound emitted involuntarily under pressure of pain or suffering: The wounded man groaned when they lifted him. A moan is a prolonged, more or less continuous, low, inarticulate sound indicative of suffering, either physical or mental: She was moaning after the operation.

Where is Francesca gonshaw now?

After her acting career, she went on to work for Miramax Books, and then became curator of an art gallery.

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