Where is DNA polymerase 3 found?

Where is DNA polymerase 3 found?

replication fork

What is the job of DNA polymerase quizlet?

The DNA polymerase is the enzyme that joins individual nucleotides to produce a new strand of DNA it produces the sugar phosphate bonds that join the nucleotides together and it proof reads each new DNA strand so that each copy is a near perfect copy of the original.

What is the role of DNA polymerase in DNA replication quizlet?

DNA polymerase is an enzyme that joins indivisual nucleotides to produce a new strand of DNA. The DNA molecule seperates into two strands at the replication fork. Then each strand is used for the attachment of complementary bases.

What is the function of DNA helicase quizlet?

What is the function of helicase in DNA replication? It untwists the double helix and separates the two DNA strands. Cytosine makes up 42% of the nucleotides in a sample of DNA from an organism.

What role does the enzyme DNA helicase play in DNA replication?

DNA helicases are enzymes that are able to unwind DNA by the use of the energy-equivalent ATP. They play essential roles in DNA replication, DNA repair, and DNA recombination in all organisms. DNA helicases involved in genome stability and meiotic recombination are the focus of this review.

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