Who is the you in Prufrock?

Who is the you in Prufrock?

The “you” in this poem is ambiguous. It could be another person Prufrock is speaking to with whom he is going to the party. He could be talking to himself. He could even be inviting the reader to accompany him on his journey.

What type of man is Prufrock?

Alfred Prufrock: J. Alfred Prufrock is a lonely, middle-aged man who moves through a modern, urban environment in a state of confusion and isolation. Prufrock’s preoccupations with his balding head and his banter over afternoon tea provide the outlines of an identity.

What is the yellow fog compared to in a simile?

What is the yellow fog compared to in a simile? How is the fog like such a creature? The yellow fog is compared to a cat. The fog is like a cat because always lingers and “rubs its muzzle on window-panes.” 7.

What nationality was TS Eliot?


What is the yellow smoke in Prufrock?

The yellow smoke or fog in “Prufrock” is a product of the modern city, but it also is a symbol that reflects Prufrock’s tenuous and marginal place within the city.

Is Eliot a modernist?

Eliot (1888-1965) is synonymous with modernism. Everything about his poetry bespeaks high modernism: its use of myth to undergird and order atomized modern experience; its collage-like juxtaposition of different voices, traditions, and discourses; and its focus on form as the carrier of meaning.

What are the views of Eliot about modern man in his play?

The duplicity of man, lack of communication among men, and man’s isolation are three basic predicaments of man, making him more and more alienated, although, these motifs are common to Eliot’s poetry.

Who is the eternal Footman?

Death is sometimes referred to as “the eternal footman.” Here Prufrock is alluding to his own fears about mortality.

Which Indian painter is referred to in the poem Prufrock?

Eliot (1888–1965). Eliot began writing “Prufrock” in February 1910, and it was first published in the June 1915 issue of Poetry: A Magazine of Verse at the instigation of Ezra Pound (1885–1972)….The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

by T. S. Eliot
Cover page of The Egoist, Ltd.’s publication of Prufrock and Other Observations (1917)
Language English

Why is TS Eliot still relevant?

T.S. Eliot is regarded as such an important writer because he captured the feelings and attitudes of the early twentieth century in such a unique and, yet, authentic way.

Why is Prufrock afraid to eat a peach?

Alfred Prufrock is afraid to eat a peach because he is afraid of ridicule and afraid of women, or at least of their judgment and rejection. Daring to eat a messy peach is symbolic of everything Prufrock is afraid to do for fear of what other people might think.

What color is the fog that Prufrock sees?

Prufrock refers to “yellow fog” and “yellow smoke,” which ties back to his own mind: clouded. He cannot act and is paralyzed, blocked by his own thoughts. The color yellow, often associated with cowardice, just supplements this idea.

How does Prufrock represent the modern man?

Prufrock is overeducated, fearful, timid, overly sensitive, and graceful. He continuously ponders lost opportunities and unanswered questions. This is the modern man, not strong and silent but weak and accessible. He represents the modern man by openly displaying disappointment and vulnerability.

What Prufrock means?

Alfred Prufrock” is a symbolic poem which reflects the condition and mood of the modern city dwellers. It expresses the hollowness, infertility, the psychological trauma, the spiritual languor, the frustration and the hamletic state of mind of the post war generation.

Did TS Eliot write cats?

T. S. Eliot’s playful cat poems have delighted readers and cat lovers around the world ever since they were first published in 1939. They were originally composed for his godchildren, with Eliot posing as Old Possum himself, and later inspired the legendary musical “Cats.”

What is the overwhelming question in Prufrock?

Scholars and critics alike agree that the “overwhelming question” that is the focus of all of Prufrock’s ponderings in the poem is most likely a marriage proposal, or a question of a woman’s feelings for him.

What is Prufrock’s main dilemma in the poem?

Although many critics are divided on what the actual main dilemma in the poem is, generally it is accepted that the correct answer would be B. he is unable to approach a woman to answer an important question. He wants to ask a beautiful woman to marry him, because he loves her.

What is the main idea of the Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock?

One of the poem’s central themes is social anxiety and how it affects Prufrock’s ability to interact with those around him. This line, like the others in the tea scene, is indicative of the discomfort Prufrock feels in social situations and his belief that he needs to put on a “face” or mask in order to fit in.

Why does TS Eliot matter in 21st century?

More than any other poet of his day and age, he pushed back the boundaries of what poetry was capable of, showing us a different world, written in a completely different poetic language, that influenced successive generations of poets and still influences many of them today.

What is Prufrock’s problem?

Prufrock’s main concern is that he is frittering his life away with meaningless activities while longing to do better things. He worries about the contrast between the sordid everyday world he inhabits and the world of imagination–of mermaids riding on the foam–that his heart yearns for.

How is the Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock modern?

T.S. Eliot’s The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock carries the characteristics of modernist poetry such as objective correlative, fragmentation, free verse and irregular rhyming. The poem is about a middle-aged man who cannot make a progress in life and dare to approach women due to his timidity.

When was TS Eliot born?


Does Prufrock die?

Prufrock even metaphorically dies at the end of the poem, corresponding to the idea of not returning alive from The Inferno; Prufrock’s elaborate, day-dreamed world dies when someone interrupts him at the end of the poem and he drowns.

Why is TS Eliot a modernist poet?

Eliot might be called a medieval modernist because of his admiration for the organic and spiritual community of the Middle Ages together with his “impersonal” conception of art, his elitist and formalist views isolate him from several of the central terms of the tradition as I have defined it.” In other words, some …

How does Eliot become the voice reflecting the anxieties of modernism?

Eliot voices his permeating social anxiety through Prufrock, in the ironically named ‘The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock’. Rather, ‘Love Song’ is an agonizing examination into the modernist psyche, as Prufrock embodies the crippling paralysis of Eliot’s 20th Century society.

What is Prufrock’s middle name?

Title: By identifying himself, rather pompously, by his first initial and middle name, J. Alfred Prufrock seems an unlikely romantic hero, capable of singing a love song. Introduction: The epigram is from Dante’s Inferno.

What is modern about modern poetry?

Recognizable aspects of modern poetry include an emphasis on strong imagery and emotional content and less reliance on the use of rhyme. Modern movements such as Beat poetry and poetry slams also would be included. Modern poetry emphasizes less of a reliance upon the use of rhyme.

Did TS Eliot fight in ww1?

He returned to Harvard in 1911 but in 1914 he went overseas again on a Harvard scholarship to study in Germany. When World War I (1914–18; a war fought between the German-led Central powers and the Allies: England, the United States, and France, among other nations) broke out, he transferred to Merton College, Oxford.

Why is the Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock called a love song?

Alfred Prufrock” a love song? “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” while not adhering to the traditional idea of a love song, still qualifies as one because it describes the longing of the speaker for his beloved.

What items does Prufrock measure?

When Prufrock says he has measured his life in coffee spoons, he is alluding that he has spent a lot of time participating in social coffee or tea. If his life can be measured in coffee spoons, then he has done little else to provide a unit of measure; he has spent much of his time simply being social.

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