Why is Blues Brothers 2000 so bad?

Why is Blues Brothers 2000 so bad?

But the whole film was doomed from the start because someone thought what the movie really needed was a little kid. While the original film had John Belushi at the height of his talent, Blues Brothers 2000 just feels like a sanitised retread – although the music still rocks.

When did Blues Brothers 2000 release?

February 6, 1998 (USA)Blues Brothers 2000 / Release date

Who sings the opening song in Blues Brothers 2000?

Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Track listing

No. Title Artist
1. “Born in Chicago” Paul Butterfield Blues Band
2. “The Blues Don’t Bother Me” Matt “Guitar” Murphy
3. “Harmonica Musings” John Popper
4. “Cheaper to Keep Her” Elwood Blues, Lonnie Brooks and Junior Wells

Did John Goodman sing in Blues Brothers 2000?

Jim Belushi (as “Brother” Zee Blues) – vocals. John Goodman (as “Mighty Mack” McTeer) – vocals. Buster Blues – harmonica, vocals (acted by J. Evan Bonifant in Blues Brothers 2000, actual harmonica recorded by John Popper)

Did Blues Brothers 2000 make money?

Aykroyd also had success touring with the Blues Brothers band at numerous venues over the years….Blues Brothers 2000.

Budget: $31 million Financed by: Universal
Domestic Gross: $14,051,384 Overseas Gross: $18,084,000

Was Jim Belushi in Blues Brothers 2000?

The film was originally intended to include Brother Zee Blues (Jim Belushi, brother of John Belushi). But due to an already existing television deal (Belushi had been cast in the ABC drama Total Security), Belushi was unable to appear and the script was altered to include Cab Blues (Joe Morton).

Are John and Jim Belushi brothers?

Jim Belushi
Billy Belushi
John Belushi/Brothers

Can Dan Aykroyd sing?

John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd aren’t topnotch singers and musicians by any means, but their charisma and passion for blues music was palpable and genuine.

Has Dan Aykroyd lost weight?

Dan Aykroyd reportedly lost ninety pounds to reprise the role of Elwood Blues.

Why didnt Jim Belushi do Blues Brothers 2000?

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